Sunday Best, Xin Tian Di

It’s Sunday again, a day for brunch and afternoon naps before the work week starts… again. In a way it’s the most relaxed day of the week, but it can also be one of the most demanding as we all try to put ourselves together after Friday and Saturday night.

This lady is a perfect example of this weekly conflict that most of us face:

Most of us probably just want to roll out of bed in our pajamas and go about our day comfortably like she does, but we have to look semi-respectable in public… But if you look closely you’ll notice she’s not all about comfort, as she tried to dress up her pajamas with a pair of shiny heels.

I mean, she looks comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time… I also think she looks appropriate and inappropriate, but I guess it just depends on where she’s going. Most of us couldn’t pull off this look, but it’s not that strange to see in China and she could be going to a number of places to pass her Sunday.

Do you think this combination is awkward? Or do you think pajamas + heels is a way to be both comfortable yet still presentable in public?

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