Harry Potter is Coming!!, China

OK, so I know people all over the world have had the opportunity to watch the final installment of the epic Harry Potter series for about 3 weeks now, but here in China we had to wait… Having to wait made it so anticlimactic for a while, but now that it’s coming out in less than 24 hours I’m getting excited for it all over again! It’s like so many different pictures remind me loosely of Harry Potter lately, like this one:

With the rag wrapped around her head like that, she looks like a Death-Eater on a scooter… Kind of terrifying, no?

Even little silly scooters and motorcycles make me think of Harry Potter these days, like this fixer-upper:

It may look like a piece of junk on the outside, but for some reason it also looks like it could just take off and fly away, as could this contraption:

And when Chinese people ride around on bikes with umbrellas in one hand, it also makes me feel like they are about to just take off and fly when no one is looking.

I love how this guy is just so proper on his little bike in his suit… He looks like some class-A Potter material.

And when it rains in China, those without umbrellas break out the ponchos and it turns the city into a land of colorful capes! The guy on the left looks most likely to be a wizard.

The ponchos come in a variety of colors, as you can see…

But I like these semi-transparent ones… Definitely only the coolest Chinese people/wizards have transparent cloaks.

But then I saw this vision of a figure, who I thought couldn’t be real… Where was he going with a legit cape on? It’s not a poncho or a rain cloak, it’s a full on transparent plastic cape!!

And then I found out he was going to his bike covered in the same transparent plastic… Which is very coordinated of him aesthetically, but seriously, any ideas on what he could have been doing besides flying back to Hogwarts with that cape/bike combo?

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