Uma Wang Menswear (+WWD article on CFC!)

Today was the best day ever!! I went to Uma Wang‘s studio because she just finished a capsule menswear collection for FW11 for ultra-hip London boutique Vertice and needed to document her incredible work… So I tried on some samples and Uma took some pictures, and I loved every piece I wore. The collection is dark yet refined, masculine yet soft, avant-garde yet understated… It is similar to her philosophy of quality and balance in her womenswear collections, but it’s definitely not a boring balance. Although I can’t share much with you all at this time, you can kind of see two looks here:

After the shoot, Uma and I took some pictures together, wearing the same coat but in different colors. Although not black and white, it still looks like yin and yang… I paired this full length coat with sunglasses from CHairEYES (the clean Lennon) and Jonny Boots from YSL… Uma isn’t wearing any shoes at all and she’s still as tall as me!! And that’s why I’m not really a model…..

I was honored Uma Wang would even consider using me as a model despite my many shortcomings, and as if that wasn’t enough excitement for the day WWD published an article about China Fashion Collective and some other projects I’m working on. It’s currently on the front page of the online edition (above Obama!), and on page 7 of the August 9th issue.

I’ve been trying to introduce the work of quality Chinese designers through my blog and China Fashion Collective, but of course a little press from WWD doesn’t hurt… And I’m so pleased that the writer Rosemary Feitelberg really understood my intentions and motivations in creating CFC. If you have a subscription, you can read the full article here: American Upstart Guides Chinese Designers

The article mentions many designers that China Fashion Collective represents, including Decoster, Pari Chen, Boundless by Zhang Da, Content, and Miss Mean. Unfortunately most of these designers don’t have their own websites, so the only place to get information in English about them is at And there are a few other designers to discover that have not yet been added to the website, which you can read about here.

Tomorrow I’m off to Guangzhou to meet with a new designer brand called ‘Ricostru’, which comes from the Italian word meaning reconstruction. You can check out Ricostru’s collections on their website. I’ll then be traveling to Hong Kong, so updates may be a bit inconsistent for the next few days. For now, enjoy this picture of Ricostru’s made-to-order collection called “Manchit Au”, and get to know your Chinese designers!