True Colors 本色, Guangzhou

Apologies for my absence over the past few days, but I’ve been in Guangzhou without access to a VPN or proxy, so I’ve been unable to blog since WordPress is blocked in China… But I arrived in Hong Kong this afternoon which was such a relief because nothing is blocked here, so I can post again!!

But I have to say I was sad to leave Guangzhou, as I was just starting to get to know the city, its residents, and their style. I found some sartorial similarities between Guangzhou and Shanghai, including one of my favorite trends: ‘literal’ clothing. Strangely enough, the English phrases on clothes in Guangzhou were seemingly more fluent and indicative of the wearers’ personalities than those I usually find in Shanghai. Consider this guy for example:

I didn’t realize this when I took the picture, but I was delighted to later discover that his shirt reads “Fashion Avatar”. He has the gait, posture, and hand gestures of an avatar… I’m not convinced he’s a ‘fashion avatar’ (I don’t really know what that means…), but if you painted this kid blue, he could almost definitely be an extra in the next Avatar movie.

Unfortunately for this woman there are no more Harry Potter movies. If there were, she could definitely make a cameo with this look… No one in Shanghai even compares:

But in all seriousness, Guangzhou definitely has its own flavor and version of the same sartorial trends I’ve seen in Shanghai… I wasn’t really surprised but still very excited to find some clashers in Guangzhou altough their clashing seemed more intentional and more streamline than the typical aiyi clash found in Shanghai. For example:

There are a lot of great colors and patterns going on here if you look closely, but as a whole look I think it totally works.

And I love it when Chinese people mix different floral patterns like this lady… The green pants keep it from going overboard, but are still unique and playful.

Also while in Guangzhou, I visited the Exception de MixMind headquarters (China’s oldest designer brand started in 1996 by designer Ma Ka) and Ricostru‘s studio, which were both incredibly inspiring and enlightening… I never consider Guangzhou a stylish city before, but I do now!! And as I took hundreds of pictures in less than 48 hours in Guangzhou there’s more to come, but now I have to focus on Hong Kong for the next 24 hours…..