Sunbrellas Part 二, Hong Kong

While in Hong Kong (well, Kowloon to be specific), I spotted a conical shaped hat from afar, but this one was different from others I’d seen in China… The material looked to be similar to that of an umbrella or sunbrella, and that’s because it was!

Instead of wasting one arm to carry a sunbrella, this practical lady somehow procured this intensely useful but somewhat unsettling object so she could focus her arms on other efforts. I mean, it was definitely keeping her cool, but it looked a bit strange to me at first.

I mean, aesthetically it’s not too bad… I like the colors and shape, and it’s obviously very functional rain or shine. I guess it’s just because I’d never seen anything like this before that it looked a little funny to me, but I was intrigued and thus thoroughly documented it.

I’m just gonna say: it would suck to push that cart with one hand, but it would also suck to have to push it under the sweltering summer sun in Hong Kong… This lady has access to both arms and shade thanks to her hat, but I wonder if the locals think it’s strange. China has some interesting head gear, so maybe their used to these things down south.

And I wonder if this thing gave her a serious case of hat hair or was in any way uncomfortable… Those clips on her forehead don’t look like the comfiest ones, and I usually don’t like chinstraps either. But hey, she wasn’t breaking a sweat, and it’s no crazier than the hair and hats on the Mainland.