Individuals vs. The Masses, Jing An District

Behind Plaza 66 lies a quiet little street called Nan Yang Lu [南阳路] that’s usually only used by scooters, as most people end up in the big malls right off of Nanjing Xi Lu. But I was going to pick up some of Shanghai’s best cookies from Strictly Cookies on this quiet street today, and I stumbled across this stylish young woman:

I actually didn’t think much of the outfit initially other than the color and shape are nice, but then I saw it from another angle:

She actually had a tighter grey layer on underneath which covered her left side, making it more modest but cool and gave this look another dimension. I like the contrast between the long outer layer and the fitted inner layer… And she looked elegant yet natural and comfortable in it, which really caught my attention.

I think individual style is developing rapidly in Shanghai, as I’m seeing more and more of it every day; however, I also saw a whole lot of ruxury today, like this unfortunate lady who looked like she got attacked at the fake market and end up with both Louis Vuitton and Gucci monogram bags.

It’s the logo-bots vs. the individuals on the Mainland, so stay tuned to see who will come out on top in China’s sartorial struggle between homogeneity and individuality.