Shanghai Style File x CPHNS, Fuxing Park

This is Hart, my friend and fellow blogger at Shanghai Style File. I snapped this picture of her while she was getting out her camera to take a “portrait” of me (hence the blurriness and the semi-awkward yet candid stance that I usually get on my camera… If you want clear and poised and all around great pictures of street style in Shanghai, you should check out Hart’s blog). The shoot quickly digressed progressed into a full-on rumpus through Fuxing Park this past Sunday, which will be the location for the Spring/Summer 2012 presentations at Shanghai Fashion Week at the end of October (Vera Wang is supposed to open, and Decoster will be closing).

The picture below was from the first set of shots that Hart took of me, which was supposed to be a portrait but we just went with our surroundings and I ended up mimicking (not mocking) an elderly Chinese man doing Tai Chi in the park. I think my hand position is completely wrong, but the locals embraced me as one of their own despite my appearance and mistakes and showed me the ropes of romping about the park Chinese style.

I always wanted to have pictures of myself with Chinese people, but I was unfortunately on the other side, always taking pictures of them (I have amassed about 12,000 at this point). But this was the ideal location and Hart was the ideal partner for the job, and we had tons of fun romping around and finding different groups of Chinese people to take pictures with (they were all very welcoming), from Tai Chi-ers to portrait painters and card players to street dancers!

This picture was from my point of view while awkwardly standing behind a painter and his subject, while Hart was comfortably across the way contextualizing the situation…

And it looked, well, awesome and awkward. I mean, I don’t know if I make the situation more or less awkward… I totally look like the black sheep of the family there on the side, but there are already so many Chinese people standing there watching this girl get her portrait painted that I couldn’t have made it any more awkward for the girl. She had a big smile on her face though, so she probably thought it was entertaining for me to loiter with the locals.

Anyway, Hart has lots of other wonderful pictures up on her blog from that day, so CHECK IT OUT. My favorite one is the dancing picture cause that lady was workin’ it and I had to keep up!! And expect more collaborations between the two of us soon (and maybe even other bloggers!), as multiple angles will definitely provide you all with better content and idea of the street style of Shanghai :)