Sunbrellas Part 三, Hong Kong

Over the past 10 months, I’ve learned how to make very quick decisions about Chinese peoples’ outfits and whether or not the picture is worth the 2 MB of memory on my computer… But if I take too long debating with myself whether or not I want a picture, my subject will pass me by and the opportunity will be missed. Therefore, if I’m traveling, I’m usually not so picky about the pictures I take because I’ll only be there for a limited amount of time and I might discover something incredible when reviewing them on a larger screen.

That is the case of this particular picture I took in Hong Kong. It seems like there’s nothing out of the ordinary in this picture, right?

WRONG!! Her outfit might be very ordinary, but she dons an accessory so functional and unusual (at least to me) that I’ve decided to get one for myself (if I can find one): a sunbrella!!

And this is no ordinary sunbrella, it’s a sunbrella hat!! Look closely and you’ll see that she’s not carrying anything in her hands, so this must be affixed to her head somehow.

I’m a bit hesitant to actually wear one of these things, as I’d imagine it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world… But I love how it changes one’s silhouette, so if I can find the right shape and pattern, I’m in.

Does anyone know where to buy one of these things?!