STOP STEALING THINGS Chinese People, + Blog Updates

I love literal clothing in China, and always get a good chuckle from the many misspelled and misportrayed identities of the Chinese people who wear it… I bet less than 10% of the Chinese people wearing clothes with English sayings on them actually know what they say, but sometimes Chinese people know exactly what their clothes say and it matches their personality and character oh so perfectly.

That was the case with this guy I saw when on my way to the post office (where I got some great pictures for the androgyny post). I couldn’t really read what his shirt said at first…

But then I was shocked and delighted and scared all at the same time when I saw his shirt said: “DRIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT”. I locked my scooter up and kept an eye on it the whole time, as he looked intent on finding a vehicle to steal and drive it as such… I didn’t get a clear picture of his shirt, but his face said it all:

And then I saw this girl at Jinshan Beach on the outskirts of Shanghai, whose shirt simply read: STEAL THE TREND. Ugh. (that other guy is rocking a murse btw)

Why do you want to just steal and copy everything, Chinese people? Don’t you want to have something of your own that you earned and thus has more value to you? I mean, it might be kind of hard for that guy to procure a vehicle by buying it, but it is possible… And it should be relatively easier for this girl to not just “steal a trend” (What does that even mean? Does she just want to follow a trend?) and have her own original thoughts about how to dress herself… Is that crazy or too much to ask?

On another note, happy September everyone!! Everyone in fashion is getting ready for a new season, and CPHNS is no different… I’ve spruced up the blog by playing around with the layout a bit and updating almost every page. Check out Chinese Fashion History for some pictures from the 1960s-1980s (scroll all the way to the bottom), and Chinese Fashion News for interesting content about the Chinese fashion industry. I also added a bit to the very sparse Fashion Theory page, but there are a lot of good books and references listed for those interested in the more theoretical side of Fashion and Style.

Also, I’ve added some new headers to the website, so every time you click on a different page you will get a random new header… I’ve created some special ones, like one of the Box Lady! Please leave a comment if you have any other header ideas, or any ideas in general on how to make the blog better.

Thanks for reading!!