Best Dressed Generation Case I, French Concession

I always thought that old Chinese people have great style, but I haven’t yet decided which generation I think is collectively the most stylish in China… So these are what I think are good age categories to study ‘collective’ style:

Generation X – 50+

Generation Y – 20-50

Generation Z – 0-20

Gen X’s were born before 1960, so they experienced and can remember the Mao Era and had the least exposure to the West. Gen Y’s were born during the Mao Era (60s, 70s, 80s), so they experienced a closed country but it opened up when they became adults and thus have had some exposure to the West. Gen Z’s were born after 1990 and thus grew up in a relatively open China and have had exposure to the West their entire lives (they are also mostly single children…)

So I’m going to make cases good/bad and give out points based on the sartorial choices of these markedly different generations of Chinese citizens (finally tally updated at the end of every such post). So here is my first case:

He’s a Gen X I would say, and a well-dressed one at that!! I love his shoes and his socks!

I really like his whole color palette and the draping of his white pants… It’s very fitting and appropriate of this Gen X-er for riding his bike to pick up some bananas (in his basket!)

His style definitely suits his physical self (especially his dusty grey hair), and as he rode away on his bicycle his purple cardigan fluttered in the wind, making old age seem both beautiful and dignified. I can’t wait to be older and wear colorful cardigans/comfy pants/dainty socks/perforated shoes and ride my bike around China!

Gen X: +10 // Gen Y: 0 // Gen Z: 0

Stay tuned, there are more Sartorial Battles of the Generations coming soon!