Happy Monday!, from Greater China

Happy Monday everyone!! From Hong Kong and Shanghai (Pu-Jersey to be exact, but still Shanghai I guess), here are some of the best smiles I’ve photographed to brighten up your potentially gloomy Monday:

This lady was all smiles on the streets of Kowloon (kinda Hong Kong), and was brightening up everyone’s day with not only smiles but also her outfit… Although I love the brightness of the shirt to match the smile, I really am more into the quirky asymmetrical pants she’s rockin’:

And from the Mainland side, here is one sweet and one surly aiyi to wish you a happy and cheerful Monday. They were found in Pudong, so you are probably having a better Monday than they are.

But seriously, this lady’s beautiful and genuine (and slightly inquisitive) smile just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… It’s like she’s radiating pure joy, and I hope she can radiate some to you via the Internet to help you get the week started off right.

Also, did you notice her Barbie-esque t-shirt…? Well, turns out it’s not Barbie at all, it’s a “Marine” as denoted by her hat, just one of many surprises you can find when examining professional clashers such as these Pudong aiyis.

I hope these lovely smiles cheered you up on your Monday!! And feel free to pass it on if these ladies brightened up your day 🙂

BDG Score (Best Dress Generation)
X – 10 + 20 [for two cheerful and stylish Gen X-ers] – 5 [for surly aiyi] = 25 pts
Y – 0 pts
Z – 0 pts