Androgyny Part 二 + Happy Friday!, Xin Tian Di

Wow this week went by fast… But that’s fine by me because it’s already Friday! So to wish everyone a happy Friday, here is the most cheerfully dressed old man I’ve ever seen in China:

It’s a pretty gay outfit in the happy sort of way, but probably not the other way. But this is some serious gender-bending regardless… he’s carrying that murse with conviction like it is undoubtedly HIS, not one he borrowed like most other guys do these days.

But it’s great that this guy has found his own way of dressing, and that’s he comfortable crossing traditional gender boundaries (China actually has great gender equality and thus more fluid conceptualizations of gender)… And the colors just work, as he definitely brightened up my day and the streets of Shanghai.

I’m personally a huge fan of androgyny (but not really cross-dressing) if it’s done right, and this guy was definitely doing it right… it’s kind of clashy too!

Note: The Best Dressed Generation results are a bit skewed at this because all post have been on Gen X since it’s inception (this is the 3rd), but I’ll balance out the number of posts in the future.

Gen X – 25 + 20 (for making cross-dressing not gross) = 45
Gen Y – 0
Gen Z – 0