Trip Wrap Up, Beijing

So I got back from Beijing on Tuesday night, and it was quite a trip… Not only did I have the pleasure of meeting with top Chinese designers Xander Zhou, Vega Wang, and Liu Lu, but I also went to boutiques Dong Liang and Triple Major and met up with Creative Artists Agency and Hung Huang. There are definitely good things brewing for me and China Fashion Collective, and I can’t wait to get back to Beijing!

On my next trip, one of my top priorities will definitely be to just bike around the city and take pictures instead of trying to do so many things, as Beijing definitely has a different vibe from Shanghai that I failed to capture this time around.

But the Autumnal Equinox is officially here, and there was definitely a corresponding drop in temperature that made Beijing feel very Fall… People pulled out cardigans and sweaters and were finally able to layer their looks after summer, and it was a great change of pace. I particularly liked this guy’s (?) cardigan and pink shirt combo:

I also love these knit sweaters with bright, graphic patterns that Chinese people sometimes wear, as they remind me of Yunnan… The details on the lower half of her jumper made me think of this wonderful Southwestern province in China and it’s warm weather, great colors, and friendly people. The minority Naxi dress is also really beautiful.

While in the hutongs of Beijing searching out stores Dong Liang and Triple Major (worth the effort to find!), I discovered some interesting yet familiar trends such as street pajamas (I’m not sure whether they kept her warm, but at least she was comfy)…

…and some military-inspired looks (I like the camo paired with the purple pants!)

Elderly women were comfortable but cute in their military-inspired color palettes and vintage cuts. This lady was one of my favorites:

After walking through some hutongs, I found Triple Major. The store was small but packed with great stuff, and this was written (very fluently) on the wall in above the stairs. I like the concept, and they had some great graphic and chunky knit stuff which I noticed in the beginning of Fall.

Beijing’s style wasn’t fantastic, but I liked a lot of parts of it I couldn’t capture this time around. What I could capture was my snack that day, which was a bag of wafers with a “fashion” (is that Chinese for vanilla?) taste.

Overall a great experience, so if you’re in Beijing check out these designers and stores!

Best Dressed Generation:
Gen X – 45 points + 15 points for preserving and reinterpreting vintage and native sartorial culture – 5 for street pajamas = 55 points
Gen Y – 10 points + 10 points for interesting layers + 30 points for starting 2 awesome multiple-brand boutiques = 50 points
Gen Z – 0 points (posts to come!)