The Murse Project Part 二, Shanghai

I started posting about the prevalence of “murses” in China a while ago, but I think I might have been too judgmental at first… I used to think that the average Chinese guy who totes around his girlfriend’s bag was doing it because he liked the feeling of carrying around a purse, but on second thought he may in fact be doing it out of chivalry, or because he was brought up to do so… I saw this little boy carrying his mom’s bag for her, and it made me see this trend in a whole new light.

This little boy was just trying to be helpful it seems…

…as was this little boy:

But the Gen-Y-ers seemed to carry their murses differently, like the intent or motive were different… I think this guy really wanted to carry his girlfriend’s purse because it matched his outfit:

And I feel like this guy wanted to carry his girlfriend’s ruffly, pink purse because it provided an interesting and stark juxtaposition with his sportswear:

And it seemed like this guy wanted to carry his girlfriend’s purse so he could make himself feel big and make her feel small and weak… I mean, who pats someone on the head like that…??

…and then laughs so insanely about it?! At least she was laughing too, but she didn’t look so pleased in the picture above…

But Gen X is not to be left out of this trend… I’ve seen some old-timers sporting murses before, and this man was equally precious.

Is it just me or does it seem like Gen X and Gen Z carry their murses totally differently from Gen Y? I mean, I guess the intent or reason for a Chinese guy to carry a murse is less important than the end result, which is a sartorial culture that is less concerned with traditional gender boundaries and more androgynous, but I’m still suspicious of Gen Y… I think they get a real kick out of exploring their feminine side.

Best Dressed Generation:
Gen X – 80 points + 10 points = 90 points
Gen Y – 50 points – 10 points [for questionable intent in carrying a murse] = 40 points
Gen Z – +30 points for being helpful and getting in touch with their feminine side at such a young age = 30 points