Whipped, Xin Tian Di

So it was National Day a few days ago (October 1st), which marked the beginning of a “Golden Week” in China for its citizens, but the weather would make you think otherwise… It’s been cold and rainy these past few days, which is weird considering China has engineered the weather to be beautiful and perfect on every other national holiday I’ve been here for. I assumed sun and perhaps a nice breeze, so the weather dampened my spirits a bit, but the Chinese were still having a great time despite the dreary weather.

I had to brave the gross weather to run up Dan Shui Road (淡水路) to the bank, which is one street over from Xintiandi, but it was worth the trip outside because I found this:

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, it’s a white guy. On the streets of China. And now on my blog. I’ve never had a 外国人 (foreigner) on my blog before, but this guy is special, because he’s carrying a metallic murse for his Chinese biddy behind him.

And this Chinese girl is loving it! Although this picture is blurry, you can still see her giant grin… I guess their both in this ‘relationship’ for their own reasons, but it seems to me that this girl is getting the better end of the bargain by getting to parade this white guy around one of the busiest areas in Shanghai while carrying her ridiculous purse for her (in some circles the white guy would get major cred for scoring such a young girl, but to most people he just looks like a creeper given the obvious age gap).

And then just down the road (like literally one block away) I saw this couple!

Not only is this white dude carrying his younger Chinese female companion’s purse for her but he’s also sporting a little Chinese flag to commemorate China’s birthday:

I mean, there’s no better way to mark your conquest than sticking a flag in it, and that’s exactly what this Chinese girl did for China on its birthday… She claimed dominance over the white man, not only for herself, but for her entire country. Happy Birthday China!

I’m not going to count the Gen X white dudes in the Best Dressed Generation score, but these Gen Y ladies definitely deserve some points for their great conquests:

Best Dressed Generation:
Gen X – 90 points
Gen Y – 40 points + 20 points for each Chinese girl = 80 points
Gen Z – 30 points