Updates Updates Updates!! + Fashion Show Videos

So many updates! Most importantly I’ve made it easier to browse Chinese Fashion History and Chinese Fashion News by splitting them into categories. Simply scroll over the tabs with your mouse and you’ll get a dropdown breaking down the category even further so it’s easier to find exactly what you want to see.

And to celebrate these updates and the upcoming Shanghai Fashion Week, I’m posting two videos of my favorite fashion shows from Chinese designers Vega Wang and Content. For best viewing results, go to my vimeo.

Vega Zaishi Wang Thesis Collection, Central Saint Martins

For her final thesis collection at Central Saint Martins, Vega Zaishi Wang created a glowing collection inspired by the deep sea and the creatures that inhabit it. The clothes, equipped with thin electric panels, literally lit up the runway with colors reminiscent of phosphorescence. The final piece is actually made of 8 layers of electrical panels which light up at different times and thus appears to be animated.

Content Opening Fashion Show, Shanghai Fashion Week (April 2011)

Womenswear brand Content 目录 presents their FW2011 fashion show entitled “Watching/Watched” at Shanghai Fashion Week. This young Chinese architect-turned-designer explores the concept of perspective through this show by utilizing small cameras attached to the models wrists and arms; in this way, it was not only the fashion show that was being watched, but the audience itself was filmed and projected live on the backdrop… Pretty cool.

This was one of the strongest presentations overall at Shanghai Fashion Week that I’ve seen in it’s short history (it’s been around for about 7 years). The concept, music, and execution were all there, but the clothes were also very impressive. Although perhaps not as advanced as their Western counterparts, Content will definitely give Western brands a run for their money with their innovative approach to design.

Content specializes in digital printing, and for this collection they used images mostly from public cameras in Shanghai to create prints for their looks. Thus, most of the clothing is a reflection on current sartorial culture in China, and it not only preserves but also reinterprets this unique cultural heritage for the modern, global consumer.

The fashion show starts around 2:10