The End of Dynastic Rule, China

I’m pretty sure there are very few Chinese people and even fewer foreigners who are aware of the importance of today, but October 10, 1911 was the date of the Wuchang Uprising which began the end of dynastic rule in China… That means that this anniversary is particularly important because it marks 100 years!!

And so how do the few Chinese people who are actually aware of this anniversary feel about it? This is what most of them feel like I think:

One of the main reasons most people are feeling so great about not having dynasties in China for 100 years is because there is more social equality in society. I’m not saying Communism is a great alternative to dynastic rule, but I think that society shouldn’t try and stratify itself (especially through sartorial practices because it eventually leads to ugly practices like conspicuous consumption and imitation)… With the Republic of China and People’s Republic of China, I think there has been less social stratification and more social integration, which is a positive thing for a fashion system (unless it leads to homogenization).

I also chose this dancing couple for this special post because they are basking in beams of sunlight in Fuxing Park, the venue for the upcoming Shanghai Fashion Week (I’ve added a new section dedicated to Shanghai Fashion Week which covers the past four seasons, look for it in the navigation bar under the banner). And if you want to see all the ways Chinese people use parks, check out this introductory video to Fuxing Park: