The Autumn Clash, Xin Tian Di

This is the very aiyi (same outfit, different day) who helped me come up with the idea of clashing back in July.

Well folks, now that it’s officially autumn my muse is changing it up, and I have to say I love the results!! (I’m 99% sure this is the same aiyi, but it’s possible that she’s hitchin’ a ride with another guy around town…) But I mean honestly, what says Autumn better than a pair of burnt orange pants with branches/leaves and a navy jumper with abstract geometric symbols?! That’s right, nothing.

But even though the above aiyi is a clashing veteran and has Autumn down pat (plus a winning smile), this older Chinese lady is definitely competing for the title of Clash Queen:

I don’t know if she bought this as a set or as separates, but it’s genius either way.

I’m seriously inspired by how these clashers freely and naturally throw whatever patterns, colors, and textures together that they want together and look great and somehow kinda put together… I’ve already started to experiment with this kind of look, maybe I’ll clash up and outfit for the upcoming Shanghai Fashion Week 😉

Best Dressed Generation:
Gen X – 120 points + 30 points for being the best clashers in town = 150 points
Gen Y – 100 points
Gen Z – 30 points