The Tents, Fuxing Park

The tents that will house Shanghai Fashion Week (starting tomorrow!) have already gone up and have temporarily displaced our bumping, grunting, hollering, dancing Chinese friends.

This is what the giant main lawn of Fuxing Park usually looks like:

But it’s been filled to the brim with giant, beautiful tents that will house shows by Vivienne Westwood, Helen Lee, Jenny Ji, Decoster, and others starting tomorrow for the next week.

There’s a competing fashion week this year though, started by the “China Fashion Alliance”. They will house shows by May J., Zhang Chi, and Yan Ming, amongst others. But this Shanghai Fashion Week is looking hard to beat this year (at least in terms of setup).

The lobby is pretty grand, complete with mood lighting and glass windows so the public can gawk at some of Shanghai’s most stylish people (and government officials who are forced to attend the shows).

I’m pretty excited for the next week, and hopefully I’ll be able to post regularly about the shows. Make sure to check back!

And after Shanghai Fashion Week, there will still be more to post as Content will have a presentation in an art gallery, and Xander Zhou will do an independent show in Beijing.