Fashion Week Part I: May J. and Chi Zhang, Zhongshan Park

Sorry for the delay in posting about Fashion Week, but I’ve been busy reviewing the shows and trying to find the best content to report on. Out of all the shows I’ve seen so far, I would say only three are worth reporting because I don’t want to say anything bad about those shows that weren’t so good…

Anyway, back to the good stuff… The first show I saw was May J., one of my favorite menswear designers in China, and her show didn’t disappoint even though I saw the collection a week before and also attended her rehearsal to get some good backstage photos for you guys, like this:

I hired a photographer named Pablo Morales to take pictures of Fashion Week, but he’s actually a professional documentary filmmaker… So you can maybe expect to see some documentary films in the future, but for now I hope you enjoy his pictures (which is much better than my blurry iPhone pics).

So May J.’s collection was very Europe-inspired, particularly Louis XIV’s France… So there was some androgyny with all the lace and stockings and 3/4 length pants which is not for every man, but works well in Asia I think.

May J. also did some less feminine looks, such as this:

And some innovative pieces such as this shirt (the see-through part is made out of paper):

And I loved this 3/4 length sleeve on this jacket, as it looks professional but young at the same time, and is super functional in the sweltering Shanghai summer:

And here is the lovely Jiang Ling, the designer of May J. with a model from the SS12 show:

If you want to learn more about Jiang Ling and her brand May J., search

And unfortunately I didn’t have Pablo with me for the Chi Zhang show, so I don’t have such great pictures from that show… Also, I was third row and there was a smoke machine, making it nearly impossible to get a decent picture:

Chi Zhang had great music, great effects, and some great silhouettes, but I failed to capture all of this greatness with my camera… This is just about the best picture I could get:

Luckily he will be staging another show in Shanghai on October 27th, so I’ll bring Pablo along so you can see just how cool Chi Zhang’s collection is.

Oh ya, and if you were wondering about why these two shows were in Zhongshan Park, it is because the “China Fashion Alliance”, not the Shanghai International Fashion Centre, played host to these two shows… The next post will be about the shows in Fuxing Park.