Fashion Week Part II: Jenny Ji, Helen Lee, and Decoster Concept Rehearsal

So Shanghai Fashion Week went by pretty fast, probably because the weather was terrible so I didn’t make it to many shows… But I managed to make it to most of the domestic Chinese designer brands, which included a lot of design veterans such as Jenny Ji of La Vie, Helen Lee, and Chen Xiang (with the new line “Decoster Concept”).

Jenny Ji’s show, which was October 21st, definitely had atmosphere from the lighting and staging:

But I don’t know if all that was really necessary to understand that red and China were the major themes of her SS12 Collection.

All I can say is that it was very Chinese, with some nice and wearable pieces but it was a tad bit too literal for my taste (especially considering the context).

At least the styling was solid, but I was underwhelmed overall. I trekked outside again on October 23rd to Fuxing Park (2 blocks down the street from my apartment) for Helen Lee’s show, as I was very interested to see where she would take her eponymous, more high-end label that she debuted last season.

The show opened to the beats of Alex Winston’s Sister Wife and the models strutted out in smart yet casual clothes that were well-styled by Leaf Greener (who used CHairEYES sunglasses), and I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw.

The collection was cohesive and had a point of view, which is hard to come across in China. Unfortunately my iPhone is still slow at taking pictures even though I deleted the 3000+ photos I had stored on it, so here’s the same look from Helen Lee’s lookbook:

And then at the end of an already-strong show, Helen unleashed a wedding dress that made the audience collectively flipped their $#!%.

But I’m not so into bridal so what I’ve been anticipating all week is the debut of the new Decoster Concept collection by first-generation Chinese designer Chen Xiang. The brand was the second in China after Exception de MixMind by Ma Ke, and it should be the best show of the week (I previewed the collection and went to their rehearsal).

The models were solid and everything was pretty well-organized. The show isn’t for another 14 hours or so (who’s counting anyway?), so you’ll have to wait to see the final collection, and luckily Pablo is coming with me so we will have some high quality photos instead of this iPhone nonsense.

Check back soon to see the debut of Decoster Concept!