Literally Violent(ly in Love?), Guangzhou

I totally forgot about this picture I took in Guangzhou that I was saving for Halloween when I did my wrap-up post yesterday, so here is the Chinese girl who will literally “HUNT FOR YOU”

Scary, no? I don’t know if she means she is literally hunting for people (you, to be specific), or if she means she’s hunting down her lover or soulmate or something (again, it’s you). Regardless, neither makes me comfortable (since in this case it’s me), but it’s better than what I originally thought it said:


So to lighten the mood of this post a bit, here is something less scary but just as Halloween-y:

I saw this little Chinese boy playing around with a broom and thought it was an age-appropriate way to celebrate Halloween.

He was running around the sidewalk at speeds near what is necessary for takeoff, but his mother was standing by making sure he didn’t let any of us Muggles see him actually fly away…