Chinese Ethnic Minorities Series, Part I

Since I’m off to Beijing again and can’t post from there, I’ve scheduled this post to keep things fresh… And what better way to keep things fresh than by introducing a whole new series? That’s right, there is no better way… So I’m delighted to present a fresh new segment for CPHNS about ethnic minorities in China.

There are 56 “minorities” to be exact, which happens to be exactly the same amount of cards in a deck (mere coincidence? I think not…) So I purchased a deck of cards in Yunnan that featured a different minority on each card. It was interesting to see how everyone ranked in a deck, but overall it wasn’t about pitting minorities against one another as much as promoting “Chinese nation’s great unity”:

So in Beijing there are 3 main minorities. The first is the Manchu (or Man Zu), who just happen to be the Ace of Spades (fair considering they established a dynasty of the Qing variety). I love the hats!

The Hui Zu are the second largest minority in Beijing and look like fun people. I don’t know what that green stick is doing in her mouth, but they look like a fun couple:

Lastly are the Mongolians (Meng Gu Zu), who may be the best dressed in this set of ethnic minorities… They’ve also got great smiles:

But I don’t like to compare cultures/groups, I think they are all valid… These guys all seem to have their own style, and I hope that it can not only be maintained but re-interpreted and recycled to make it modern and relevant to more people in today’s world.