Decoster Concept Show Part 三, Fuxing Park

Here are Pablo‘s pictures from the Decoster Concept show (and some backstage shots as well), which capture the details and thus the essence of this debut collection… It was all about finishings for Decoster Concept, as it was through these details that one could see the inspiration and vision for the collection. Some unfinished edges, bunching, gathering, and draping gave an overall effect of effortlessness, even though every detail had been thoroughly thought out. Even though each garment was very particular, there was never a feeling of anything being overworked or unnatural…

It was truly a collection that found an aesthetic harmony between seemingly discordant sartorial traditions (inner Mongolia and WWII) by finding a common denominator amongst all kinds of people (this was helped by eclectic accessories)… It seemed very grounded yet not afraid to explore the unexplored; Decoster Concept took a risk, and I think it paid off and was a great show that left everyone wanting more.

So if you’re in Shanghai, I would highly recommend checking out Decoster’s store, although these gems sadly won’t be available for another 5 months… But trust me, they will be worth the wait!!