Franca Sozzani Meets China’s Top Fashion Designers, South Bund

At a meet and greet today hosted by the gracious Ying Wang (Alexander Wang‘s mother, pictured far right), China’s top design talent had a chance to mingle with and solicit advice from one of the world’s most influential and knowledgeable editors: Vogue Italia’s Franca Sozzani (pictured second from left).

Also in attendance was Andreina Longhi, the CEO of Attila & Co (pictured far left), and I had the honor of introducing this wonderfully bright and interesting group of women to some of China’s most intriguing fashion design talent. In attendance today were:

Vega Wang of Vega Zaishi Wang
Zhang Da of Boundless
Chen Ping or Pari Chen
Qiu Hao of Qiu Hao
Xiao Ling of Content
Jiang Ling of May J.
Yan Ming of Yan Ming
Zhou Yuan of CHairEYES
Zhang Xi of PLORE
Tali Wu of Flying Scissors
Alison Yeung of Mary Ching
Lina Ma of Lina Ma

Franca showed genuine interest in and respect for all of the designers present and decided almost immediately to post content from the gathering on She said she was impressed by the quality of work from the designers, and advised that they continue being true to themselves and their style… She offered many words of encouragement, so get ready to see some inspired/inspiring things coming from these freshly-fired-up designers.

So if you all are reading, thank you Franca for all your encouragement and guidance, and a special thanks to Ying Wang and Jasmine Ting for putting everything together and making this possible for Chinese fashion designers!!

(and thanks Pablo for the pictures!)