The History of Chinese Fashion Design, China

Few people know the history of Chinese fashion design as it is a very, very young industry… So that’s why I wrote an article about it.

It started almost 15 years ago with the establishment of Exception de MixMind by designer Ma Ke and her ex-husband and current director of the brand Mao Ji Hong. The brand, based in Guangzhou, will host its 15th Anniversary Fashion Show (so I guess the shows aren’t actually over for me yet…) on November 25th at their new 1800 sq meter flagship in Guangzhou. I’ll be attending and will report back to you on this historic event.

Not only is Exception the oldest designer brand in China, but it’s also the largest with 90 stores nationwide… And not only that, but the designer Ma Ke began her private, non-commercial label “Wu Yong” (无用, Useless), which remains the pinnacle of Chinese fashion design in many regards. However, there are some new designers in town (well, mostly actually based in Shanghai and Beijing), and they definitely deserve some recognition. So if you want to learn more, please follow the link below to read more about the past and future of Chinese fashion design:

The History of Chinese Fashion Design