Beijing’s Backroads, Somewhere in Beijing

Two weeks ago I went to Beijing to attend Xander Zhou‘s fashion show as well as BNC‘s first anniversary fashion show, but I’ve failed to post about either of them so far because my standards are much higher after working with Pablo at Shanghai Fashion Week (my iPhone just doesn’t cut it anymore). So once I get some high quality photos, I’ll definitely post about the shows.

Anyway, as far as the streets of Beijing are concerned… This time around I decided I should ride a bike around town to really get a sense of the city and photograph its inhabitants. Luckily Vega Zaishi Wang had a spare bike to lend me, which was a hip old-school postal bike:

I ventured mainly through the winding hutongs of the city, and found some great looks that were a bit vintage classic yet also a bit unorthodox:

I love all the color, and she’s rocking a wicked hairdo to boot. I love how her socks are pulled up over her leggings, and she stands in stark contrast to her more muted-tone comrades and the greater Chinese population in general… But they were all equally interested in how a foreigner had found (but more accurately had gotten lost in) their tucked-away corner of Beijing on a postman’s bike, hence the stares:

But bright colors stood out less in a monochrome hutong than this darkly dressed Gen Z-er perched behind a bus stop (I promised I would put up more pics to even out the “Best Dressed Generation“).

At first he seemed to not notice me, but I definitely noticed him…

And then he noticed me… And scared me a bit…

But then I guess he wanted a closer look at the laowai 老外 and unzipped his hood, which relieved me of the anxiety he had previously induced… I was afraid he was going to jump on my bike and tackle me or something, but he seemed innocent enough after revealing his face.

Kinda crazy though how much clothes can change one’s perception of another…

Best Dressed Generation:
Gen X – 180 points
Gen Y – 145 points + 10 points for daring to be brighter and stand out from the crowd = 155 points
Gen Z – 30 points + 20 points for actually zipping up one of those hoodies all the way and maintaining composure = 50 points