Gen Z: The Future of Chinese Fashion Part III, China

Kids in China:

Some kids in China are as plugged into technology as their Western counterparts, but all kids have their possessions, obsessions, and companions, right?

I don’t always love childrenswear, but some kids are just really well dressed. It’s sometimes hard to tell if it was the parent or the child who chose the outfit and styling, but you can usually find interesting, beautiful, and inspiring results either way:

These girls were obviously dressed by their mothers to match themselves, which I thought was adorable… It’s sometimes a bit crazy when things get too match-y match-y, but I’m a sucker for a great gold number (and two are better!):

I love the fantasy and crazy proportions only children seem to be able to pull off with their clothes, such as this massively poofy skirt.

These pictures were taken at the closing show of Shanghai Fashion Week (staged by Zhang Chi), so maybe the crowd was a bit bias and the kids were more likely to be stylin’ than others elsewhere; but children around the world enjoy the same things, even if some of them aren’t dressed to the nines by their mothers.

Most kids seem to like ice cream…

…and things that glow and sparkle and light up… [these skates are perfect for the Roller Disco, more on that coming very soon]

…and pretending and playing and just goofing around:

Gen Z was previously lacking representation on CPHNS, but I’ve posted about them before… But kids and the clothes they wear are great (in China, that is!) and they deserve some attention as part of this sartorial zeitgeist. It’s that child-like sense of wonder that makes kids worldwide so great… This little girl was wondering where in the world I had come from (I was probably wearing a turban):

The only thing I can’t stand is spoiled children, and there are plenty of those in China with the single-child policy and the “second generation”… These are the kids who didn’t have to make their own money, which makes them even more unbearable than their nouveau riche parents. But most of these Chinese kids were pretty cute, no?

Best Dressed Generation:
Gen X – 180 points
Gen Y – 155 points
Gen Z – 50 points + 55 points (5 points per cute Chinese child) = 105 points