CPHNS and Exception de MixMind 例外 Anniversaries, Part 二

So I should expand on my previous [double] anniversary post, as it was written in a rush and didn’t really give you a good picture of what I’ve been documenting and analyzing for the past two years in China (it’s only been one year on this WordPress blog, I was previously on Blogspot). Although I do love those pics of the balloon bikes, they were just appropriate for the occasion and aren’t representative of my work as a whole; furthermore, the last post didn’t really cover the first designer brand in China Exception de MixMind at all, but I’ll come back to that.

So I moved to China in October 2009, lost my iPhone in March 2010 and replaced it in September 2010 (so I didn’t really document Spring/Summer that year and migrated the blog to WordPress in November, which is what you’re reading now); ever since then I’ve been taking pictures left and right, rain and shine, day and night, on my scooter, in cabs, in buses, on the subway, and on every flight and trip I’ve made to try and bring you the most real-time, comprehensive, and ‘unbiased’ information/photographic evidence on the Chinese fashion industry and Chinese street style so you can decide for yourself:
do Chinese people have style?

I would argue that a ‘Chinese style’ is definitely emerging both in the industry and on the streets, but it can’t yet be completely defined (leading domestic designer brands like Exception de MixMind, Decoster Concept, and Uma Wang are certainly making great contributions towards defining this); there are definitely some stylish citizens in Shanghai and greater China, but they are still a minority when compared to the mindless masses. But a ‘Chinese style’ is also related to Chinese heritage, so one must consider the industry, the street, and their unique heritage to define a style or aesthetic that is genuinely unique to the country.

Anyway, enough rambling about stuff that can’t be defined just yet… Let’s get to the juicy stuff of this special post, the stats:

18,423 pictures in 1.5 years [2 years – .5 years that I didn’t have my phone] or
33.65 pictures/day or 1 picture every 43.64 minutes

30578 hits in 1 year or an average 83.775 hits/day or 1 hit every 17.19 minutes

158 posts in 1 year or an average 1 post every 2.31 days

I promise in the coming year I’ll do even better… But for now, let’s all have a moment of silence to respectfully consider the picture that started it all:

And Exception de MixMind was the brand that started the entire Chinese fashion industry, and I was honored to attend their 15th anniversary… I took almost 300 pictures of their 100+ look fashion show, so I have yet to edit those and post soon. For now, I’ll leave you with this video of the opening of the show, which cuts off just when the [live] music just started getting good…