Exception de MixMind 15th Anniversary Show, Guangzhou

Have you noticed the changes I made to the blog title? After taking heat about it for two years (including the previous incarnation) and the street style situation changing pretty drastically in China (for the better), I’ve decided to make the blog title more interrogative rather than declarative… The [ ] render “no” as an unnecessary component of the title that can be extracted or kept depending on the perspective of the reader, and 吗 in Chinese denotes a question… So you can decide for yourself: Do Chinese people have style or not?

I would argue they certainly do, and Chinese fashion designers are a crucial component to China’s domestic development of its fashion system… China’s first designer brand, Exception de MixMind, recently staged their 15th Anniversary show in Zaha Hadid’s futuristic Opera House in Guangzhou, which was definitely one of the top three fashion shows I’ve seen on the Mainland, if not the best. But words are useless, take a look for yourself at some of the looks from this historical event: