The Best Perspective is Up, Guangzhou

Even though it’s been raining in Shanghai now for about a week straight, I’m still trying to keep my head and spirits up… But I wouldn’t dare take the perspective of this little girl I pictured in Guangzhou, for fear of Shanghai’s acid rain falling into my eyes:

I always encourage friends and acquaintances to “look up” both literally and figuratively no matter the situation, and remain a positive, forward thinking person. I think physically looking up and keeping an open, child-like mind is part of maintaining a positive outlook on life and seeing the potential in everything; preferably when you take such a perspective you’re on your back in a park or something and not while you’re riding a bike like this little girl…

But don’t worry everyone, this little girl is OK to assume such a precarious position on her bike because her Dad has her bike tied to a LEASH:

I only noticed this as I was uploading the first picture, but this controversial practice shouldn’t take away from the message I’m trying to convey here… Looking physically upwards (best when completely on your back) can help people think positively, but most of us probably haven’t done it in a while…

So if the place you’re in has somewhere you can lay on your back and stare up at the sky, take some time to do it. Usually only kids assume such a perspective, but it’s always good to see things from a different perspective, right?

Best Dressed Generation:
Gen X – 180 points
Gen Y – 145 points
Gen Z – 105 points + 30 points for keeping a great perspective (up!) = 135 points