12 Day Countdown to Christmas, Day 2 – Seeing Green and Red

So the reason why this 12 Days ’til Christmas Countdown is going to be relatively easy to complete this year is because I recently realized [even though it seems blatantly obvious now] that there are two colors that Chinese people love to wear: green and red.

Of course yellow is always thought of as a color Asians have an affinity for (for reasons beyond our skin color), but green and red are EVERYWHERE in sartorial practices maintained in the Mainland today (yellow is more of an emperor/imperial color kind of thing)… The green is everywhere because of the military camouflage, and the red is everywhere because this is, well, China, and they love themselves some 大红色 (literally big red color, but figuratively the shade of red that is associated with the Communist Party/Chinese flag, etc.)

So anyway, back to the Chinese people…

This guy is a perfect example of ‘appropriate’ Christmas attire without being aware of it at all… Camouflage and military fatigues are seen just about everywhere in China, but the red paint on this guy made him a perfect subject for the holidays.

So ya, camo has always been and always will be cool in China, but red is probably more popular overall as a color. You can find it in clothes, on bikes, on most signs, and in design throughout China, so it’s not so rare that one would come across a guy wearing camo on a red bike, making a near perfect Xmas  [again, without even being conscious of it].

And as if red weren’t already popular enough, it’s also included in a lot of military wear and uniforms… So it was most likely the government that influenced mass aesthetics in Chinese society initially, and these colors’ popularity carry on today; so the Chinese government in a way can be seen as the origin for this mass affinity for such colors, which seems funny but makes sense when you think about it.

Anyway, those seemingly omnipresent red stars and details have become even more pronounced to me on the streets lately, but that’s probably partially because I’m looking for that kind of stuff now. Anyway, I actually really dig the red and green combo, it’s like blue and orange or yellow and purple, just not as upsetting… And in this Christmas context, of course the color combo becomes more attractive to those holiday-prone souls.

I’m off to America on Saturday, but there will be a post scheduled for every day until Christmas, so keep checking back! And get ready for some more Christmas-y posts, facilitated by the Chinese peoples’ collective affinity for green and red clothing!

Best Dressed Generation:
Gen X – 180 points
Gen Y – 165 points + 30 points for (even though unconsciously) embracing Christmas through their clothing, as well as showing patriotism = 195 points
Gen Z – 135 points