12 Day Countdown to Christmas, Day 4 – The Roller Disco

I’ve covered Putuo’s Roller Disco before in all its laser-beam, smoke-machine, disco-ball glory… But this time I’m revisiting the theme because it just so happens that Shanghai’s best Roller Disco venue fits in perfectly with our 12 Days of Christmas theme. Take a look:

I always want to revisit the Roller Disco theme because I found another Roller Disco in Guangzhou, and lo and behold it was also decked out like the halls during Christmas:

The Chinese boys down South were as impressive as their Shanghainese counterparts, doing a chain of initially 12 people and expanded to 13 before they dispersed… You can check out a video of their impressive feat here:

Also, check out my Vimeo Page, which hosts almost every video for both CPHNS and China Fashion Collective… You can see a great video I made of Fuxing Park for Shanghai Fashion Week, as well as a sneak peak of something [non] Christmas-y which will soon make an appearance on this very countdown…..

Best Dressed Generation:
Gen X – 180 points
Gen Y – 195 points
Gen Z – 135 points + 13 points for each adolescent boy on that roller chain = 148 points