12 Day Countdown to Christmas, Day 6 – Back in the US

So I’m finally back in North America, and I actually arrived more than 5 hours before I left Shanghai (because the time difference is more than the flight time). I’ve flown in through Vancouver, BC and took a hopper flight over the hippie islands of the Pacific Northwest down to good ol’ Seatac (Seattle/Tacoma International Airport in Washington STATE, not DC).

Anyway, most people think of us Washingtonians as pretty crusty people, who like the outdoors and flannel and granola… Well for most of us it’s true, at least to a degree, but we are not the only people with an affinity for flannel:

Chinese people seem to be pretty into it too… I think one of China’s best menswear designers Xander Zhou may be influencing this a bit with his Scottish-inspired collections, but Chinese people seem to also just have an affinity for it.

I love that the flannel is also Christmas-appropriate, and that yellow jacket is a perfect match.

This Chinese guy’s take on flannel looks a bit more like the American (Christmas) version. I love his accessories as well, particularly the hat but the bag is also interesting… and he looks like he has a present or package in hand to deliver to some lucky little boy or girl somewhere.

And I wasn’t going to bring it up but now I am: that guy on the left looks like Steve Jobs. Rest in Peace, and thank you for the many gifts you gave the world (which I’m using to take all these pictures and write these posts).

Best Dressed Generation:
Gen X – 190 points
Gen Y – 195 points + 5 points each for rocking a solid, individualistic use of flannel = 205 points
Gen Z – 148 points