12 Day Countdown to Christmas, Day 11 – High Spirits

After taking care of my visa to come home (in Pu-Jersey), I spotted this truck with a giant load of red and green chairs:

Naturally I chased it down on my scooter (I found a scooter ferry to Pudong!!) and found these guys staring in awe at something over yonder…

They were smiling from ear to ear despite riding outside in the cold weather, and I’d imagine they were discussing all the ridiculous construction going on in Pudong… Those giant skyscrapers are the kind of venues that would demand so many chairs, and have provided the Chinese population with lots of jobs and opportunities.

And even for those without jobs, at least Chinese people and foreigners alike have something to marvel at… Pudong is developing at neck-breaking speed, and this kind of growth has put many Chinese people in high spirits and hopes for the future.