2012 Is Coming…, The World

Is it just me, or did 2011 go by wayyy too fast?! Well like it or not (I do and I don’t), 2012 is upon us all, and I’m sure a lot of people are thinking the world is going to end… But as an optimist, I like to think of it this way:

This is how the good people at ZucZug choose to perceive 2012, and I like their way of thinking… I believe that 2012 is just the beginning of a new cycle, rather than the end of the world (it may be the end of the world as we know it, but something better should be coming after that).

Anyway, ZucZug is one of China’s oldest brands, and is designed by none other than veteran Chinese designer Wang Yi Yang, also of Cha Gang. This pin is part of their 2012 calendar set, which they thoughtfully sent me to help me keep my year in order… And keeping this coming year in order is crucial because it will be an important one for me, as I embark on a new venture (details to come later) and a new chapter in my quest to promote the Chinese fashion industry… even though the world might end.

But the potential of the world ending is no reason for anyone to not go full steam ahead with their plans for the coming year… I really do believe it is the beginning of a new, exciting cycle, so get a jump start on it by planning and organized!!

So if you’re lucky enough to live in China, you should pick up a set of these cute and thoughtful calendar/agenda/notebook sets from ZucZug… They will definitely help you keep organized and entertained all at the same time with their intriguing and functional designs:

I particularly like how they start out with the question ‘The end is the beginning?’ and move on to the exclamatory ‘The end is the beginning!’ and then end with an ellipsis (…) to show the potential for the coming year… And the colors are fun too (as you progress towards the end of the year, the colors become brighter and more “alarming”), and are very ZucZug…

So don’t tiptoe into 2012 with apprehensions of the world ending but rather grab it by the proverbial ballz and get yourself organized with some calendars and such, or at the very least keep an optimistic, can-do, I’m-not-definitely-going-to-die sort of attitude… 2012 is the beginning of something beautiful!!

And as 2011 went by so fast, I don’t have time to do a Top 11 of 2011 Post like the Top 10 of 2010 Post I did last year, but you can check out CPHNS’s 12 Day Christmas Countdown instead… That kinda burnt me out, but maybe by Chinese New Year I’ll have some sort of recap for y’all…

Happy 2012!!!