New Year’s Resolutions, from the US to the World

While still in America, I thought I’d take advantage of not being censored and put up these pictures of [1-heart] ‘graffiti’ I found while in Pudong:

I’m not making a resolution for a revolution, but rather just hoping that next year we will see a sartorial revolution in China… But that has to be started and finished by the people of China, and will be helped along by Chinese fashion designers and the development of the domestic industry.

I would say a sartorial revolution is already underway, but it still needs to evolve to include everyone, rather than just a select few… Of course it starts with a small group of people, but for real change to occur, it has to happen on a large scale.

I hope to witness this sartorial evolution of China in 2012, and I hope to personally evolve in 2012 as well. I also resolve to have my blog evolve in 2012… Hopefully by the end of it I will have a draft of the first edition of the CPHNS book!