Requesting Submissions!

Dearest Readers,

I wanted to say thank you to those dear friends that care enough about me and this blog to help me out by snapping some pictures of Chinese people wearing/doing amazing and ridiculous things, as I always appreciate seeing these pictures and hearing the reactions of the people that took them. Seeing these pictures have made me realize how much I’m missing out there and how much more I want to see and share, and that’s why I’m now requesting and accepting submissions for CPHNS!

I know I can’t document China’s diverse sartorial culture by myself, and that’s where you guys come in (at least those living/visiting China)… Some of you are better photographers and see different things and go to different cities and places, so I would greatly appreciate any submissions/reactions you have to Chinese street style. With this new submitted content, I will be able to include some posts from different perspectives; furthermore, I’ll also be able to make a whole new page to collect all the great submitted content to the blog, so everyone can get a wider view of China’s sartorial scene.

Simply send submissions with a date and description to, and if I put up your photo I’ll let you and everyone else know by crediting your photo (unless you want to remain anonymous, which works too).

So happy snapping away, readers!!!

And for some inspiration, here is a picture from my friend Zoe of a Chinese woman with her pig and some corn, which I pilfered from Facebook… So thank you Zoe for brightening my day and everyone else’s with this bizarre yet weirdly familiar scene that is oh-so-China.