The Other Side, In Between

I hopped across the harbor to Hong Kong to meet with Asia’s most venerable retail group (Lane Crawford, JOYCE, and On Pedder), and am stoked to be here… I can access YouTube, Facebook, and most importantly WordPress without going through a VPN or proxy, which makes it oh-so-convenient to post even though I’m not at home.

However, WordPress on the iPad is really subpar, and I’m not able to insert pictures one by one even though I uploaded them all last night… So I can only put up a gallery, so you and I will just have to deal with it. But the pictures are interesting I think, so take a look; they are of the scooter ferry I found running from Puxi to Pudong for a mere 1.3rmb… It kinda ties in with this idea of crossing small bodies of water to go to vastly different places, i.e Shanghai to Hong Kong and Shanghai to Pudong. So anyway, I hope you enjoy, and I’ll do a more nicely formatted post when I’m back on the Mainland.

And of course coming to HK is not only exciting because of the free Internet unlike some other places that won’t be mentioned… I mean, for me meeting with Lane Crawford Group is like being a tech startup or and/or blog and meeting with Google. I hope we will be able to find some ways to collaborate, but only time will tell. Now it’s time for my beauty sleep… Goodnight!