Literally Wishing You “Gong Xi Fa CAI”, Greater China

It’s officially 2012 on the East Side!! The streets are littered with red paper and the people living here slightly more deaf than before, but China will be mostly cleaned by daybreak and people should mostly have their hearing back. It’s the auspicious Year of the Dragon, so nothing can dampen Chinese peoples’ spirits, especially since they are on holiday for the coming week and they get to light off many, many more fireworks.

So on my way back from my trip to Hong Kong to meet the Lane Crawford team, I saw this literally festive man in the airport:

He doesn’t look that festive at first glance, but his shirt was actually covered with one of the season’s most popular sayings “gong xi fa CAI”.

A word by word translation is something like “wish happiness make MONEY”, but it can be simply translated to “Happy New Year”!

So now that our lunar-oriented brethren are now in 2012 with us Western, sun-oriented folk, let’s all have a stylish 2012!!!