Back to the Gym, Fuxing Park

The New Year always brings with it many resolutions, most of which will be broken within the first few weeks of the year… I broke some of mine already, but was able to get back on track because Chinese New Year was January 23rd, giving me a second chance.

So for those of you that have already broken your resolutions to go to the gym, you can still re-start and just claim you’re on a lunar cycle this year. I know gyms aren’t the funnest places in the world for most people, but for Chinese people they pretty much are.

Chinese gyms are colorful collections of “machines” and are located in various public spaces, such as this packed gym at Fuxing Park. The great thing about these gym/playground hybrids is that people of all ages can use them, but it’s usually only the young and the old.

And sorry I’m talking in the video, I was on an important phone call and was trying to say as little as possible while filming, but I had to reply a bit… But I also had to capture this moment because I rarely see “gyms” this busy in China right now primarily because it’s currently freezing outside but also because these things are everywhere, free, and usually taken for granted. But health should not be taken for granted, so there’s still time to stick to your resolution to go to the gym, even if it isn’t as fun as a Chinese one.