China’s Big Problem, Huang Pu District

In order to assess the validity of this statement that there are losers everywhere, I’ve decided to continue providing some more samples to be considered… So what do you think of this guy?

From the back he looks like a pretty normal Chinese person (actually dressed not too shabbily), and you may have noticed that he’s carrying a cigarette (also very normal for Chinese people)…

But by now you may have noticed that this guy is actually just a kid… I’m guessing around 12 years old, although the smoking may have made him age a bit. So what is he doing with a cigarette again?

If he’s trying to prove he is not a loser, he failed… I say this kid is a major loser for picking up one of China’s worst habits at such a young age. He’s got decades to smoke cigarettes… And he also has to option to not do it at all.

However, most Chinese men pick up smoking for a number of reasons (nothing to do, working long hours, peer pressure, etc.), and from a pretty young age. I was disgusted and outraged to see actual Chinese children (like 3-5 year olds) smoking cigarettes in the videos below, as there is no reason for them to ever even inhale second-hand smoke; and what’s worse is that the people filming seem to be encouraging it (they definitely aren’t discouraging it).

So China, you’re all losers whenever society makes young Chinese men (and women and kids especially!) feel compelled or pressured to start smoking. So you helped to prove today that there are losers everywhere, but you FAILED at the game of life.

Note: The videos below contain disturbing and upsetting footage.