Leap Day 2012

It’s Leap Day (and CPHNS’s 200th post) everyone!!

Today is an extra day we’ve all earned from getting through the past four years, so I propose we literally leap for joy on this special extra day like the Chinese guy above (even though such a celebratory act may seem as nonsensical as his sweater) as opposed to literally being a major downer like this Chinese girl below:

Her coat says things like “Earth” “Something” and “Global Warming”… Thanks for that “thoughtful” word collage, but I’m already freaked out enough by the fact that it’s 2012 without your apocalyptic-vision-inducing coat. I agree that we should all be more responsible people with respect to the environment, but I don’t need this in my face every day… Especially on a special day like Leap Day. In my opinion, everyone should just be chill out like this girl on Leap Day:

That’s because I think we should live every day like it is our last, enjoying all that life has to offer… And sometimes that just means cuddling up with an over-sized stuffed animal and forgetting about the many, many problems all around us. Even though it may not make much sense, what you do on Leap Day doesn’t really have to… So take advantage of the extra day we have this year and do whatever truly makes you happy.

Happy Leap Day everyone!!!