Sunny Sunny Sunday, French Concession

A delayed Spring finally arrived in Shanghai, soaking the city in very welcome rays of sunshine for the first time in quite a while. Chinese people were out in droves, and many of them were taking the opportunity to doing their Spring cleaning… and in some cases, that even meant a fresh coat of paint:

I’ve never really seen such bright paint before, but it was a welcome break from the long, dreary Winter; furthermore, the splattering of paint on these guys suits actually looked quite cool, making the suits feel more young and urban.

People in the US used to pay insane amounts of money for clothes with treatments like this, but I think that these suits are even cooler than the artificial, processed treatments of many clothes Stateside… The intensity of the colors of paint really made these guys stand out, as their newly treated suits glinted in the sunlight.

Happy sunny weekend everyone!