Fountains Fountains Everywhere, The Bund

I went for a little scooter tour on Sunday because the weather was so nice and I had a fun project to work on. I headed towards the northern Bund area (known as Wai Tan Yuan) because I’m working on an exhibition for a new luxury shopping center called Yi Feng Galleria that has its soft opening this week. It’s a beautiful building that will house luxury shops, restaurants, and MUSE I, and it’s situated in prime location across from the Peninsula Hotel on Beijing Dong Lu.

I later drove over to Hu Qiu Road to look at the backside of the Rockbund development, and was surprised to see another fountain that was much, much larger.

After driving a bit closer, I found out it was no fountain at all… Someone had busted the fire hydrant, and a hole in the ground was gushing out spectacular amounts of water.

Of course, like with all public spectacles in China (usually screaming matches), this one had gained an audience quickly, with Chinese people and foreigners alike gawking at this bizarre but nonetheless welcome sight.

It was quite a stunning spectacle, and many people quickly decided that they wanted a picture with it:

I went to take some pictures of myself in front of the impromptu fountain, and some people from the crowd took pictures of me… I found them a day later on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, and they were quite nice!

I took pictures from every angle just so you could get a sense of the size of this temporary fountain, as it was impressively large:

I also took this cool video of myself and it, what do you think??