Good Friday, Xin Tian Di

I’ve seen this little old lady around my neighborhood quite a bit… Most would call her a Crazy Cat Lady because she goes all around Shanghai feeding many of the homeless cats, but I think she’s a great person with a kind heart. I mean, I have to admit that I myself am partial to cats (don’t hate me for it), but instead of  simply dismissing someone like this as just another Crazy Cat Lady, we should recognize the kindness behind the action. She can barely walk, but she pushes a giant cart around Shanghai filled with wholesale-size bags of cat food and sometimes even fresh rice, rain or shine. In both of the examples below, she’s braving the weather with giant umbrellas and makeshift coats.

Since it’s Good Friday, I thought I should post some motivation and inspiration for kindness, hence these pictures below… So pass along the kindness, you can find it all around you, especially in unexpected places!

Have a kind weekend 🙂