Pretty Fly for a Little Guy, French Concession

Shanghai Fashion Week FW12 starts April 11th, which is technically tomorrow!! That means it’s time for another week of a few great shows and a lot of mediocre ones, but the true show is outside the tents…

However, I’ve never seen a SFW attendee that was cooler than this little Chinese guy:

I love love love his hat… I mean, I just LOVE his hat!

Not only was his hat quite unique, but it was also full of fantasy and fun (it looked like he was about to fly away!) And to boot, he had a jacket with a hoodie that says something about a super rhino. Bonus points.

This Chinese kid is super all right, and it will be hard to beat his outfit… But I’ll be attending various shows in SFW’s two venues this season to bring you the best of street style as well as looks from the runway, so check back and see if I can find anything cooler!