Shanghai Sunbrella Hats, the Bund

Sunbrellas are common on the Mainland, but I was ecstatic to find this guy wearing a sunbrella HAT!

I’ve seen sunbrella hats in Hong Kong before, but this was the first time I spotted them in Shanghai so I pulled up next to the guy and asked him if he had any for sale.

He did, and was selling them for just 10rmb, but unfortunately I had no cash on me. I asked him to hop on my scooter to go find an ATM, and he readily did so to sell some sunbrella hats to this eager foreigner.

We got to the Bund and he started looking around everywhere for an ATM…

and frantically started asking everyone where we could find an ATM:

Along the way, he made another sale to this pretty hip guy selling trinkets on the street… We were like a little sunbrella hat crew!

Oh ya, and the thing he was carrying around in his left hand were also hats (pictured below), and I ended up buying quite a few of these as well… Both hats are very functional, and I can’t wait to scoot around with my sunbrella hat!

Chinese people love hats, and these are some of my favorite kinds… The locals were also amused and we attracted quite a crowd on the Bund, only to be broken up by the Po-Po. But he made some sales, and I got a mini collection of sunbrella and paper hats! Win-Win.