Dark Runners, South French Concession (?)

After Shanghai’s April Acid Showers, it finally feels like Summer is coming… So I’ve been doing a lot of night scootering, and have discovered some pretty cool places over the past few weeks. One such place was across a bridge (I thought it led to Pudong, but it was actually just a minor river) demarcated by this phallic, glowing structure (not dissimilar to an Olympic torch…):

On the other side I soon saw lots of “Dark Runners”, a term used typically for Chinese youth involved in running at night (I believe the term originally came from a program that Nike started, but if anyone knows for sure, I’d love to know how this term started):

They were mostly dressed in primary and neon colors, and although this is logical when running at night, I saw another potential source of inspiration for donning such bright and colorful running gear…

Underneath the car bridge (which I shouldn’t have originally crossed on my scooter) had a glowing, neon bridge for scooters, bikes, runners, and walker below!!

It was literally every color of the rainbow, which isn’t really that surprising when you consider that most of Shanghai’s skyline is dominated by LEDs of all colors.

There were also “Dark Bikers” taking advantage of the beautiful glowing lights, as well as the cool breeze coming off of the river.

So when in Shanghai, check out the night scene, as the city is still super active even if it’s dark out… Unfortunately they turn off most of the lights at 10 pm (I can’t imagine how much energy all the neon and LED lights use, so it’s actually a good thing that they do), so get to this spot before 10 pm and prepare yourself to be amazed!!