One Fine Day on “Cheap Road”, Zha Bei District

Aside from super feminine and slightly ridiculous styles on Qi Pu Lu, I also came across a good amount of literal t-shirts. This one, which read “YOU, ONE FINE DAY, ME”, was one of my favorites, although the Chinese girl wearing it did little to tempt me to her proposition:

But some people were not so lucky as to have the choice of being in a relationship, even though their boyfriends (or their t-shirts) would claim that they were, in fact, quite lucky:

Other Chinese people didn’t want to say outright that their partners were lucky to be with them, but this guy obviously wanted his shirt to let others know that his girlfriend was a lucky one because he was able to afford a “BURREBRY SPORT” shirt:

But I think the luckiest guy of all was the one with this girl, if she actually heeded the advice on her own t-shirt:

She seemed to be pretty chill, as opposed to these other Chinese people who all seemed to be making desperate attempts to either attract or keep their significant others interested in them via their literal t-shirts. But even if this girl was uptight, at least she was wearing a cool t-shirt.